Phonak is much more than the hearing aids; it is an experience, a legacy, and a promise that merely any other organization offers. Phonak is Swiss based multinational corporate, a member of Sonova Group, specialized in the field of hearing aid designing, production and worldwide distribution of technologically advanced wireless and hearing systems. With a legacy spanning over 60 years and 7500 employees working worldwide, we are the world’s largest technology provider to hearing industry with existence in more than 90 countries & a range of most advanced hearing solutions.

At Phonak, we combine expertise with years of experience to find the perfect solution for hearing loss. Our uncompromising quality and innovative approach towards problem solution has led us to the latest advancement in hearing industry. In the recent years we have successfully answered the demand for better understanding in all challenging situations with most attractive and technologically sound hearing aids.

Phonak has been present in India for over 18 years as a subsidiary of Phonak AG, Switzerland. Our portfolio consists of hearing instruments, FM, Diagnostic equipment, accessories, batteries etc. Phonak India has head office at Belapur, Navi Mumbai and 3 regional offices at Delhi (North), Bangalore (South) and Kolkata (East). With more than 70 employees in various domains, state-of-the-art facilities and a network of almost 500 hearing professional (across all states of India from J&K to Kerala and from Assam to Gujarat) we have transformed the way hearing is perceived. In our continuous search for unique solution we strive hard to achieve the customer satisfaction by offering exceptional solutions.

Our passion to empower people drives us to consistently set new standards in hearing care

This is how we will deliver our promise. This is our commitment.
We have become a company of firsts by putting people first. We constantly strive to obtain new insights in order to keep learning, find new ways to do things better and bring groundbreaking ideas first to market.
To meet the needs of a changing marketplace, we have defined four focus areas where our passion, expertise and commitment all come together – areas in which we will invest efforts and resources: audiology, technology, counselling and fitting, and business support. This is how we will continue to lead the way and provide the most innovative hearing care solutions and support.

People insight
Knowledge about users’ and hearing care professionals’ needs and challenges is the foundation for everything we do.

True innovation occurs when we work together, across teams, to find ways our technologies can meet the needs our insights reveal.

Empowering people
We channel our people insight into solutions that support any lifestyle, any age. This way we empower people to play an active part in life.


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