For more than three decades ELKON R & D cell is constantly endeavouring to keep itself abreast of the latest technology breakthroughs in micro electronics-connected with hearing aids. Digital and programmable hearing aids are the latest which ELKON is offering to cater for the distinct requirements of distinct hearing loss which are true to life sound reproduction. Bank on ELKON Hearing System.

Your Hearing Health Consultant will offer it, you will ‘smile’ and to your entire satisfaction.

Salient Features :
Latest IC/Transistorised Circuitry in all the models, Reliable, durable with low distortion, crystal clear sound
State-of-the-art technology.
‘Fonix’ 6500 CX and 7000
Sturdy Mechanical components, hard gold plated switch contacts. Excellent quality microphones and earphones used for utmost Reliability. Most models provided with tone control and powerful telephone coil.
Prompt after sales service-our key to successful marketing.
From Frye Electronics (USA) Hearing Aid Analyser.Elkon Easy EL 93
A simple easy to use instrument for moderate to severe losses, Transistorised Circuitry.

ANSI-3.22-1996 2cc coupler FEATURES
POCKET MODELS Max. Acoustic Gain in dB Max. Output in SPL Freq. Range Suitability Tele Coil Battery Types
EL-93 65 128 250-3500 Hz Moderate to Severe loss X AA

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