EG 201

Group Hearing System – EG 201

Much of human knowledge is imbibed through the ear. Sound plays an important role in the transmission of knowledge – the sound of the spoken language. Hearing The sound is vital to the ability to speak.
ELKON offers a range of Group Hearing Systems to meet the requirements of institutes catering to handicapped children with impaired hearing.
Many options are available. Systems can also be custom built to meet specific needs.

  • IC based circuitry – Fail proof operation
  • Amplifier with AVC – Solid State fully transistorised pre-amplifier; High power output yet soothing, crystal clear distortion-free sound.
  • Built-in microphone mixer – With individual volume controls for each microphone according to individual requirement. Separate input and volume control for teacher’s mike. Tone control for low frequency or high frequency emphasis. Output connected to headphones and/or induction loop system as per your choice. Large VU meter on front panel for monitoring sound level.
  • ELKON Stereophonic / Professional Headphone – Profession quality headphones with wide frequency response. Rugged built yet comfortable with circumaural foam cushioning and foam head pads and extremely light weight. Three Metre coiled cord. Built-in Volume control for each ear provided on the headphones for individual adjustment of the volume according to requirement of each child.
  • Dynamic Microphones – High quality dynamic microphones are provided for the teacher and the students for discrimination of each vowel and consonant. Provided with long cable and goose neck stands for students. Microphones and neck harness and goose neck stand for teacher’s microphone.
  • Control Boxes – Compact headphone control boxes can be provide if headphones with built-in volume control not desired.
  • Induction Loop System – This system enables the children with hearing aids to move freely in the children with hearing aids (fitted with telephone Coil)

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